At BodyVal, we are dedicated to offering you the tools to track your body's fitness and health.

Tracking Fitness

We strive to offer tools that allow you to assess your fitness levels. We do that by offering tests that assess your fitness levels through a range of exercises where you are evaluated on performance given your age and gender.

You can perform an entire test, or perform an activity and evaluate it against a particular test.

Body Composition

Track, measure, and analyze your Body Composition. We offer you tools to assess your body composition through certain measurements.

You can then track and analyze your body composition through time.


We offer you a place to store basic health values that will allow you to keep track of vital signs.


We analyze performance across our platform and will provide statistics to allow you to see how you benchmark against the community.

We're Social

We want you to meet like minded people within our communities. Invite your friends, and assess yourselves against the same evaluations.

If your friends aren't interested, but you want to share your performance, we give you the ability to share your fitness data on social networks outside of BodyVal.

We hope you Enjoy the product!